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I heard a story about how a Pro-Gay group put up a billboard in Kim Davis's hometown.…

I am so sick of homosexuals, atheists and other nonbelievers for taking the Bible out of context.  I'm also sick and tried of fake Christians thinking that true Christians are being mean and hateful for not supporting same-sex marriage.  On Facebook I commented on the story above.  I was telling people that I am sick of people taking God's Word out of context and twisting.  This one woman replied to my comment.

Here is my comment:
I wish people would stop picking on Kim Davis. This woman did nothing wrong. Homosexuals and their supporters think that she broke the law but she didn't. The Supreme Court cannot make laws. Only Congress can do that. I just love it how homosexuals and nonChristians take the bible out of context. Those people who put up the billboard are taking the bible out of context. They are the real hateful ones. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Explain to me how two men and two women can create life. They can't. God created marriage and He created man for woman and woman for man. It's Adam and Eve...not Adam and Steve.

Now here is the woman's comment:
First Sara SCOTUS didn't make a law. If you had paid attention during civics you would know what they did was rule laws prohibiting same sex marrige unconstitutional. Not the same thing. Oh the only ones "disproving" Christianity are the fake Christians who are misusing Christianity to justify their bigotry. I would rather be me than you or Kim Davis, with all my faults, on judgment day.

So what I'm getting from this woman is this:  I'm the one (not homosexuals and fake Christians) who is taking the bible out of context to be mean and hateful to people.  But I'm not stupid.  I know the truth.  It's these gay Christians and fake Christians who are the ones who are taking the bible out of context and twist it and adding and taking away and worshipping a false god who is ok with same-sex marriage.  These people are twisting God's Holy Word to make their sin ok.  The bible is very clear about homosexuality and all forms of sexual sins.  These fake Christians need to understand that while we are called to be loving...we are never called to embrace sin.  We are called to expose it.  Christ came to die for sin....not embrace it.  Christians are to tell the truth in loving kindness.  We are never called to hate.  We are only to hate the sin.  True Christians will be hated because we love the truth.  Christ himself said so.  "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first." John 15:18.  True Christians are not the hateful bigots.  We are not the bullies.  We are not the ones who twist bible verses to be mean and hateful to people.  Not supporting homosexual marriage is not hateful.  Disagreeing with something is not the same as bulling.

Sexual freedom is not the law of the land.  The U.S. Constitution is.  The Constitution protects religious liberty.  Sexual freedom is not protected in the Constitution.  Religion is.  Sexual freedom and Religion cannot co-exist.  We can only have one or the other. 

We as Christians have the right to disagree with homosexuality and anything that goes against God's Word.  No...we are not using it as an excuse to bully.  We just have the right to state our opinion and tell the truth.  How is it unloving to tell the truth?  When did hatred ever tell the truth?  Unsaved people are at war with God.  They hate God and they see His Word as hateful speech.  They can't understand God or the things of God because they are dead in their sins.  God has to open up with hearts, eyes and minds to the truth.  Only God can change someone.

I only have one thing to say to these people who mock God and who think is a fairy tale.  One day you are going to stand before the very God you mocked and who you said didn't exist.  You are going to find out that you were wrong.  And to the fake better get your act together and repent before it's ok late.  There are warnings for those who dare to add and take away from God's Word.  Jesus said "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 7:21).  There are going to be two sides on Judgement Day.  Which side are you going to be on?  Are you going to be on the side of God...those who lived for God and obeyed Him and stood up for His Word and His truth or are you going to be on the side of the World...those who hated God and mocked God and added and took away from His Holy Word.

Think about that.

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